EU's decision to extend sanctions against Syria proves Europe's subordination to U.S.

MOSCOW, (ST)-Russian  political analyst Alexander Berdnikov has stressed that the European Union's decision to extend the coercive measures imposed on Syria contradicts the international and humanitarian law and proves the European countries' subordination to the United States.

In a statement to SANA correspondent in Moscow, Berdnikov said that the failure of the United States in implementing its schemes in Syria has led it to work relentlessly so as to put more pressure on the Syrian people through depriving them from requirements of life, including food and the medical equipment necessary to confront coronavirus epidemic. He added that Washington is doing this while it continues to provide limitless support for terrorist organizations fighting the legitimate Syrian government.  

Renewing the coercive measures imposed by the European Union on Syria is clear evidence that the European countries are subordinates to the United States. It indicates the EU's hypocrisy, circumvention policy and lies concerning humanitarian assistance to the Syrian people. It also makes these countries partners in the terrorist war on Syria.

 On his part, Head of the Center for the Study of the Holy Quran in Tatarstan Republic of the Russian Federation, Sheikh Farid Salman, said that the European decision refutes all Europe's allegations on democracy and human values and constitutes a crime against humanity particularly amid the spread of coronavirus and the suffering of the Syrian people from years of international terrorism.

He reiterated that Europe will finally realize that its policy is a failure and that the Syrian people will triumph over terrorism and the epidemic.

 Yemen: EU decision will have dangerous impacts on the Syrian people

 Meantime, an official source at the Yemeni Ministry of Foreign Affairs denounced the European Union's renewal of the unfair coercive measures imposed on Syria.

Yemeni news Agency Sabaa quoted the source as saying in a statement on Friday that Yemen renews its firm rejection of the policy of sanctions which completely contradicts international laws and leads many peoples of the world to pay the price of such policies.

The source affirmed that this decision is inconsistent with the current situation in the world, particularly in the light of Coronavirus outbreak and it gives no heed to the UN chief's calls for putting an end to these sanctions.  

The source called on the EU to reconsider its new decision that will have dangerous impacts on the Syrian people.

Hamda Mustafa