Five civilians killed in terrorist infighting in Ifrin city

Aleppo (ST): Five civilians were killed and several terrorists injured as a result of the continued fighting among the mercenaries of the Turkish regime in Ifrin city in Aleppo northern countryside.
Local sources in the city of Ifrin said that fierce clashes flared up between the terrorists of the so-called al-Hamza Brigade and another terrorist group in several residential quarters in Ifrin causing the martyrdom of five civilians including two children and huge material damage to public and private properties.
The sources added that the clashes also led to the death and wounding of several terrorists.
On May 16, the villages of Jolvan and Fqeiran in the countryside of Ifrin city witnessed fighting among several terrorist groups affiliated to Erdogan’s regime which resulted in the killing and wounding of several terrorists.
Since its occupation by Erdogan’s regime’s forces and  mercenary terrorist groups in March 2018, the city of Ifrin has been witnessing a state of chaos and infighting among terrorists  on dividing thefts and houses of civilians who were displaced.