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The Internal Security Forces Day is a Dignified and Honorable Day in the History of Syria

The 75th anniversary of the Internal Security Forces Day is on the 29th of May .It commemorates the day when the parliament’s guards and internal security members were martyred by the French occupation in 1945 and it is one of the pages of honor and  pride  in the history of Syria..

This venerable  day  is devoted to glorify the values of martyrdom and the sublime meanings of sacrifice which  were  represented by the refusal of guards of the parliament building   to  obey the orders of the French colonialists  to salute the French occupation flag.

The 30  guards of the parliament refused to surrender  and tried  to stop the advance of the French forces.At that time  they faced a military machine that greatly outnumbered them yet continued fighting until they ran out of ammunition,  after which  the French colonial forces bombed the parliament in accordance with a premeditated plan and stormed it after setting fire to it, destroying parts of it and killed  28 of  the guards.

The ugliness of the brutal and heinous  crimes committed by the French occupation  were narrated by the two living  martyrs who were wounded  and the  French occupation thought that they were among the dead, as the occupation soldiers tore the bodies of the martyrs with machetes and bayonets and   savagely  abused their bodies . 

The  occasion commemorates a day  ,  which with its bloody events, was an important milestone of  Syria’s  struggle against French colonialism   in defending  the Syrian people’s  dignity and  unity  and provided  examples in rejecting all forms of  occupation .

The aggression of the 29th of May  in 1945 was not limited to the massacre of Parliament, but rather it included the city of Damascus before it extended to the rest of the Syrian cities and towns according to a fixed plan.

However, the vicious criminal aggression of the French colonizer against the Parliament’s guards  and the accompanying bombing and destruction of cities  foiled  the French colonial forces’ plan   to subjugate the Syrian  steadfast people and undermine  their national will, but rather increased their insistence on struggle and resistance.

The march of struggle is still going on.   Syria , that has experienced  colonialism through its history and forced it to leave , will never  compromise on its unity. It  defeated terrorism thanks to the Syrian Arab Army  and internal security forces’ sacrifices . Syria will remain as it was always a fortress of pride and victory .

The Internal Security Forces Day  will remain one of the most glorious  stations of  the Syrian Arab people’s struggle  in combating the aggression, a  symbol  of the values of martyrdom and  sacrifice  and an incentive to defeat terrorism and its tools on the entire Syrian soil..

Rawaa Ghanam