The Ministry of Interior: Intensifying and redoubling efforts to control entry into the country through the illegal crossings

Damascus,(ST)-The Ministry of Interior asked the police units concerned to intensify and multiply the efforts made to control entry into the country from Lebanon through illegal crossing points and to organize the necessary investigation  about how they entered the country and find out the methods they used in the transit process and the people and networks that facilitated their transit and present them to the competent judicial authority.
The Ministry confirmed in a circular, the necessity of redoubling efforts to follow up the perpetrators of these crimes and arrest them, and to work to prevent and suppress these criminal phenomena in order to achieve the principle of public and private deterrence and the suppression of criminal behavior.
The Ministry of the Interior announced on the twenty-second of last March, the closure of all crossings in front of the movement of arrivals, including the Syrians, from Lebanon until further notice, as part of the procedures to address the Coronavirus.
 Haifaa Mafalani