The American occupation sends a convoy of military equipment and communication towers to their illegal bases in Hasaka countryside

Al-Hasakah,(ST)-Today, the American occupation forces introduced a convoy of vehicles loaded with logistical equipment and materials to support its illegal bases in Al-Yarubia countryside, northeast of Hasaka, in violation of international laws and principles.
Local sources indicated to SANA reporter that a convoy of trucks had entered from Iraqi territory into the Syrian lands through the illegal Al-Walid crossing carrying containers and armored vehicles in addition to three communication towers.
In the same context, local sources indicated in the village of Al-Suwaidiya, northeast of the governorate, that six armored vehicles belonging to the American occupation forces entered from the village of Mahmudiya in Iraq, south of the illegal Al-Walid crossing and headed to the occupied Syrian oil fields of Kirkuk from the American occupation forces.
 Haifaa Mafalani