Ministry of Awqaf (Religious Endowments) the opening of mosques for all congregational prayers starting tomorrow, Wednesday

Damascus,(ST)-The Ministry of Endowments announced the opening of mosques for all congregational prayers in addition to Friday prayers starting tomorrow, Wednesday.
The ministry indicated in an announcement that Sana received a copy of today that the return to the group’s prayers comes with commitment to health regulations and public safety measures that have been circulated to the mosque committees.
The Fiqh Scientific Council at the Ministry of Awqaf and the Union of Levant Scholars issued a fatwa (advisory opinion) to suspend Friday prayers, sermons, and congregational prayers in Syrian mosques temporarily, starting from the 15th of last March, in order to protect the safety of citizens and visitors to mosques in the context of the precautionary measures taken to address the Coronavirus.
Haifaa Mafalani