A fire Erupts at Palmyra Orchards Oasis

A fire broke out on Monday  at  the historic  Palmyra orchards oasis  in the south of the city, extending from near  Palmyra Cham  Hotel to the surrounding of the southern catacombs.

 “The  Palmyra Agriculture Department , civil  Defense  and the authorities   in Palmyra  worked  to put out the fire, the  causes  of which have not been known so far”,  Assistant Director  of the Palmyra Agriculture Department, Ahmed Yousef, said  in a statement to the SANA reporter.

Yousef  made it clear  that the fire spread across an area of around 150 hectares  of the Palmyra orchards  oasis, indicating  that fire trucks from Hayyan Oil Zone  helped  to extinguish  the fire.

“ Efforts to control the flames were hindered by landmines  left by the terrorists ,  the density of  Palms and  olives trees and  the  walls and narrow roads between the orchards “ Youssef said..

Rawaa Ghanam