Syria ends night curfew

The Syrian government team tasked with fighting Coronovirus  has adopted new decisions to ease the lockdown. 
It ended  both the night curfew and the movement restrictions between governorates as of tomorrow May 26. It also extended the period of opening shops until 7:00 pm.
The team suspended the flights that bring back stranded Syrian citizens from abroad until further notice. This question will be discussed again after treating all infected people, who are now in isolation centers in Syria.
As for restaurants, gyms, cultural centers and public parks, they will remain closed.
These decisions come following a comprehensive review and evaluation of the steps taken to confront the virus, with the steps being taken seeking to balance health safety on one side and restoring economic life on the other.
The team noted that there is still a possibility of a full curfew in the future depending on developments related to the pandemic.
Basma Qaddour