Countermeasures Coronavirus - Syrians Perform Eid al-Fitr Prayer at Home for First Time- Mosques Broadcast Eid Ritual Call via Mosques Minarets

For the first time, Syrians have performed Eid al-Fitr prayers in their homes in response to the precautionary measures taken to address the Corona virus, in compliance with Fiqh Clergy Council of Endowments Ministry that have suspended prayers at mosque, airing ‘takbeerat al-Eid’ (Muslim ritual call) -as usual- from the mosques’ minarets.   
According to Fiqh Clergy Council of Endowments Ministry, Eid prayer arguably is either a confirmed ‘Sunnah’ (habitual practice of Islamic law) or an obligatory duty, thus it can be performed -as is- at home in family congregation without a sermon, or individually.
It is worth mentioning that the suspension of Eid prayer came in order to preserve oneself without the risk posed by gatherings at mosques for fear of spreading a probable Corona epidemic outbreak. Notably, Eid prayer basically witnesses congestion, therefore such precautionary measure has been duly taken by many Arab and Islamic countries including Egypt, Jordan and Saudi Arabia.
It is noteworthy to mention that Syrian Fiqh Clergy Council of Endowments Ministry and the Union of Levant Scholars had earlier issued a ‘fatwa’( religious order) to temporarily suspend congregational prayer at mosques in Syria as of the fifteenth of last March. The Ministry of Endowments, however, only partially re-opened mosques to perform Friday prayers only as of the 8th of last May, conditional that utmost precautionary measures taken including sterilizing mosques before and after prayer, requiring worshipers to distance themselves, sterilizing worshippers’ hands, wearing masks during prayer, and limiting the duration of the sermon to only ten minutes.
Rayan Faouri