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Martyrs' sacrifices have protected the homeland, families of martyrs stress

Despite realizing that the homeland is the most precious thing and that even souls are cheap in defense of the homeland's dignity, Janet Dergham, the mother of martyr Firas Esber, couldn't hide her tears while remembering how she received the body of her martyr son wrapped with the Syrian flag.

She said that her eldest son was martyred eight years ago while fighting the terrorists in Jobar neighborhood of Damascus. She affirmed that Martyrs Day is an immortal anniversary in her heart and that the sacrifices of the martyrs have protected the homeland.

"Martyrs are the most generous and the noblest of mankind..God have mercy on all Syria's martyrs," the bereaved mother told SANA, adding "my son was a hero, he successfully and bravely carried out all the missions he was tasked with and he got a number of medals for his brave deeds, but death came fast and early and took his sacred soul to a better place in heaven."

Janet recalled the night of the martyrdom of her son, saying that she will never forget the date -March 13, 2013- as it is the day on which Firas was martyred.

After he had been totally absent for five days, I received a phone call from an unknown person. He asked me to let him speak to Firas's father or brother who both were not available. He refused to tell me anything about Firas, but I insisted to know, so I asked my younger son to phone back the caller to know what happened. I felt fire eating my heart and I didn't wait for long before the caller announced that Firas was martyred in the battlefield while fighting terrorist groups in Jobar."

Janet pointed out that the soul of her son is always close giving her enough strength to continue living, particularly as she sees his image in every one of his children.

Rasha Isber, the daughter of the martyr, said that she lost her biggest supporter in life. However, with a smile on her optimistic face, she stressed her pride in the martyrdom of her father and affirmed that she will work hard to realize her goals to make her father proud of her."

She indicated that she was in the seventh grade  when her father was martyred and now she is a graduate of the Tourism Institute and she plans to join the military academy to follow her father's path.

On her part, Siwar Eseifouri, the wife of Lieutenant Mohammad Dergham Haidar, who was martyred in 2012 while doing his national duty in confronting terrorism in al-Hajar al-Aswad neighborhood in Damascus, said: "the last time I spoke to him over phone he told me that he was fine and that he will come home the next day. I phoned him again the same day at night and asked him to tell me where he is, but he refused. He spoke to our little daughter and asked her to take care of me. The next day, I received the news of his injury in a battle, a serious injury that caused his martyrdom hours later."

Siwar stressed that the martyrdom of her husband weakened her and broke her heart at the beginning, but she restored her strength in order to continue to bring up her children.

Siwar was exposed to kidnapping more than once and to death when the Investment General Agency was targeted by a terrorist attack, but she asserted that she will continue to work for a good future to her children.

The son of the martyr, on his part, affirmed that he will study hard to achieve his father's wish, which is to be a successful doctor, expressing pride in his father's martyrdom.

In Sweida province, families of martyrs recalled the heroic deeds of their loved ones who, alongside their comrades in the Syrian Arab Army and security forces, have made  glorious their homeland.

Almaz Sadeq Khadoush, the mother of martyr Captain Deyaa al-Din Shalgin, said her son was raised on loving the homeland and on sacrifice for its safety and dignity, stressing that the martyr was known among his comrades for being courageous, disciplined and proud of himself.

"Martyrs are the pillars of the homeland. They deserve immortality in order to be the beacon that lightens the path of freedom for the coming generations," said Jihad al-Qintar, the father of martyr Lieutenant Saqer al-Qintar, who was martyred while fighting terrorist organizations in Homs, and the brother of Lieutenant martyr Jawad al-Qintar, who was martyred in an explosive device blast placed by terrorists near his home.

 Farida Zein al-Din, the mother of Lieutenant martyr Rami Zein al-Din, said her son was martyred in Jobar while defending the homeland.

"My son is dear, but the homeland is the dearest, she stressed, pointing out that Rami never dies as his soul is immortal and that she sees his image in every Syrian citizen resisting terrorism and defending Syria.

Orjwan Ghallab, wife of Lieutenant martyr Fares Salman Ghallab from the Syrian security forces, said that she is proud of her husband's martyrdom, because the homeland deserves and needs sacrifices to stay safe and independent.

She stressed that like many other martyrs' wives, she will continue working hard to raise her children and help them achieve their hopes.

In Hasaka province, Asreyya al-Asmar, the mother of martyr Saleh Jum'a from the village of Kherbet Ammo in Qameshli countryside, said proudly "death has different types, but when one dies as a martyr in defense of a just cause or a homeland, that is threatened by terrorism, this death becomes a source of pride and an unforgettable deed."

"I will continue to be proud of my son and to receive congratulations on his martyrdom," she stressed.

Jum'a Saleh, the father of the martyr, said his son's martyrdom is a medal on his chest, affirming that terrorism will be eliminated and Syria will emerge stronger after expelling the occupiers who are trying to destabilize the region and steal its resources.

Hamda Mustafa