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The Russian ambassador in Damascus: Western sanctions against Syria have serious consequences and must be lifted

The Russian Ambassador in Damascus Alexander Yefimov has stressed that the Western sanctions imposed on Syria have dangerous effects on the country, especially in the circumstances of the spread of the Coronavirus.

Yefimov stressed that Russia demands the immediate lifting of these sanctions.

“ The main problem is that we do not know the repercussions of sanctions imposed by the west on Syria in the light of Coronavirus  ,” Yevimov said in an interview with the Russian Interfax news agency published on April 28.


Yefimov said that Russia and some other countries  have announced their support for the immediate lifting of unilateral sanctions that impede the efforts of governments, especially the Syrian government, in combating the Coronavirus.

Yefimov explained that the Syrian government is achieving great successes in tackling the Coronavirus in the country and is making all efforts to maintain the stability of the social and economic situation despite the war imposed on it.

Yefimov warned of the danger of the spread of the virus in the areas occupied by the American forces in northeast Syria and in the Al-Tanf zone, due to the presence of the conditions to spread it in these areas.

Yefimov stressed that the Western calls to the Syrian government to stop the war operations against terrorists have absolutely nothing to do with the concern for the lives  and welfare of Syrian citizens, but rather to undermine the anti-terrorist operation.

Yefimov stressed that Moscow is counting on resuming the process of a political solution to the crisis in Syria as soon as the risks of the spread of the Corona pandemic, which led to the failure of the regular session of the Constitutional Committee, which was planned to be held at the end of last March, are not held.


Inas Abdulkareem