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Syria and Russia are calling for pressure on Washington to lift sanctions against Syria


Moscow, (ST) - Syria and Russia affirmed that the US sanctions imposed on the Syrian people aim to "annihilate the people of an entire country". They renewed their call on the international community to  pressure Washington to lift these unjust sanctions in light of the spread of the Corona virus in the world.

The Syrian and Russian coordinating bodies on the return of the displaced Syrians indicated in a joint statement today that the United States is closing its eyes to the danger of the spread of the Corona virus epidemic in Syria as it was doing with the terrorist organization "ISIS" and ignoring the United Nations' calls to change the sanctions policy.

The statement urged the entire international community to give the Syrian government international support and pressure the United States and its European allies to lift illegal and inhuman sanctions, noting that those sanctions, along with the years of terrorist war on Syria, limit the capabilities of the Syrian state to counter the Corona epidemic and hamper the supply of necessary medicines and medical equipment.

The statement warned that the displaced Syrians in the Rukban Camp in the American occupation forces control area on the Syrian-Jordanian border are at risk of life threatening in the event of a pandemic

Thousands of civilians are being held by the American occupation forces in the al-Tanf area near the Syrian-Jordanian borderThousands also live in al-Hol camp in Hasaka, which is controlled by the American-backed "QASD" militias and who suffer from a severe shortage in the necessities of life.

Raghda Sawas