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Washington sends more military reinforcements to its occupying forces in Syria

HASAKA, (ST)-  The US administration continues to violate international laws and conventions by sending more military reinforcements to maintain the illegal presence of its occupying troops in Syria.

According to local sources, a convoy of 40 trucks carrying military and logistic reinforcements as well as several Hummer cars bound to the US occupation forces in Syria, entered Tuesday the northeastern part of Hasaka province coming from the Iraqi territories through al-Waleed illegal crossing in al-Ya'rubeyya area.

 The convoy drove from al-Ya'rubeyya area to the city of Qameshly and then to the US occupation bases in Himo town, to the west of Qameshli, and Qasrak area in Tal Baidar village in Hasaka countryside.

Last week , the occupation forces brought 35 trucks loaded with military and logistic equipment to support their illegal bases in Hasaka southern countryside and Deir Ezzor eastern countryside.

Washington insists on maintaining its occupation of Syrian lands instead of lifting the brutal sanctions it has been imposing on the Syrian people.

Hamda Mustafa