Electricity Returning Gradually to “ al-Qatirji” Industrial Zone in Aleppo

Aleppo has witnessed large-scale destruction  and damage caused to its  industrial facilities   by the terrorists organizations  as thousands of   factories and industrial plants   were destroyed or looted, its heavy machinery including some of the largest textile plants in the region were dismantled and smuggled outside Syria. The General Company for Electricity in Aleppo governorate started generating the "al-Qatirji" industrial area  with electricity   after   8 years, due to  systematic  destruction  and vandalism caused by the terrorists organizations there.

“ Al-Qatirji” industrial zone, which is located in the east of Aleppo,  had included  before the crisis about three  thousand industrial and craft facilities.

A source at  Aleppo  Power  Company   told  the Syrian “Al-Watan online” newspaper that  as electricity  is a major factor for economic development in Aleppo the company    intends to place 7 transformative centers in  "al-Qatirji"  industrial zone.  

The source stressed the company’s   measures in  “ al-Qatirji”  zone  aim at  supporting and developing the production wheel there  due to its key role in  supporting the national economy,  meeting  the needs of  industrialists and craftsmen for electricity to operate their facilities ,  reducing  production costs  ,  encouraging owners of   facilities  to return to their  facilities  re-launching production  and   providing new job opportunities.

 Head of the Federation of Syrian Chambers of Industry and  Head of the Aleppo Chamber of Industry, Faris al-Shihabi, had met  “Al-Qatirji” industrialists, and others from the rest of the industrial areas, on the 7th  of March  and listened to their demands.

Al-Shihabi  told the industrialists, during the meeting,  the government  allocated  in its last meeting  SYP 500 million  to rehabilitate the electricity network and centers in “ “al-Qatirji”  Industrial area..

He drew attention to the measures of  following-up  adopted by the board of directors of the Aleppo Chamber of Industry and the committees of the  industrial zones of   the work policy  with those involved in Aleppo Electricity to implement the required actions  as quick as possible  and solve the problems of industrialists…

Rawaa Ghanam