Ministry of Information launches awareness campaign against the Coronavirus under the title “For the sake of Syria, stay at home”

Within their daily programs, Syrian national TV channels in addition to their websites and pages on social media, broadcast awareness videos to address the Coronavirus issue under the title of  “For Syria, stay at Home”.

The awareness campaign is produced by the Developmental Media Directorate at the Ministry of Information with the voluntary participation of a number of artists, doctors, athletes, and general Syrian personalities.

Regarding the campaign, Director Zuhair Qanoua, the supervisor of the implementation of the campaign, told SANA correspondent that the campaign was prepared in cooperation and coordination with the Ministry of Information to cover all issues related to the Corona epidemic and how people have to deal with it.


Director Qanoua noted that there are many segments that have been completed within the campaign and are currently being broadcast, as well as other segments that will be accomplished successively related to pregnant women and children and many of the necessary awareness-raising topics.

The aim of the campaign, according to Qanoua, is to support the efforts of the Syrian society and the Ministry of Information to invite people to commit to staying at their homes as much as possible to contain this dangerous epidemic and limit its spread, indicating that there are new awareness campaigns that are currently being prepared which aimed at combating high prices and calling for social solidarity.

Regarding the risk of working in public places nowadays, Qanoua considered that these voluntary campaigns are related to the duty of artists to support the work of doctors who risk their lives in medical work. Our war against this epidemic is a real war that we cannot give up our role in,Qanoua said, adding that the campaign is implemented through small teams that follow the most careful and sterilizing methods during the work.

"We call the Syrians as we enter the serious escalation of this crisis, to support the most affected families and abide by government instructions and advices to stay home so that we can reduce the spread of the epidemic and be less affected by more awareness and cooperation," Qanoua concluded.

Inas Abdulkareem