Water re-pumped to Hasaka city after being cut off by Turkish occupation forces and their terrorists’ mercenaries

Al-Hasakah, (ST)  The Water Establishment in the city of al-Hasaka has started pumping water to the city center in al- Hasaka after the Turkish occupation forces and their mercenaries cut off the water supply to the city as a result of the suspension of the operation of the Alouk station by the Turkish occupation forces and their mercenaries from terrorist organizations .They also prevented  the Foundation's workers from entering it.

Director of al-Hasaka Water Establishment engineer Mahmoud al-Elkeh said in a statement to a SANA that after operating the Alouk station in the countryside of Ras al-Ain city last nighand filling water tanks in the in Tal Tamer area to ensure the needs of citizens from drinking water, the water pumping started again in al-Hasaka city center this morning.He indicated that after replenishing the people with  their water needs ,the process of pumping water to the rest of the neighborhoods surrounding the center will resume.

The Turkish occupation forces and their mercenaries in Ras al-Ain have been deliberately targeting the infrastructure, especially water and electricity facilities. They repeatedly target the  water pump  in Alouk station thus depriving the people of Al-Hasaka city and its western countryside from drinking water where the station is the main water source for the people

Raghda Sawas