Daesh prisoners renew their rebellion in the SDF-run prison in Hasaka city

On March 30, the Daesh terrorist prisoners renewed their rebellion at the headquarters of the Industrial School in the city of Hasaka, which the Syrian Democratic Forces (SDF)groups have turned into a prison for about 4000 terrorists belonging to 50 Arab and foreign nationalities.

Local sources said that the Daesh prisoners renewed their rebellion and chaotic acts inside the prison after they took control of a whole floor within the prison headquarters for the second day.

The prisoners broke windows, walls and surveillance cameras amid attempts by "SDF" groups to control the situation and end the rebellion with the support of the American occupation forces warplanes.

The sources pointed out that a number of terrorists fled towards the southern countryside of al-Hasakah, specifically to the village of Al-Arisha and the town of Shaddadi.

In the Ghweran neighborhood of al-Hasakeh, there is the central prison that holds about 3,000 Daesh terrorists, and the Al-Sina’a ( Industrial ) School prison, which holds nearly 4,000 terrorists, in addition to a number of civilians arrested by SDF groups and supervised by the American occupation.


O. al-Mohammad