Syria and Russia: Washington delivers equipments to terrorists in Rukban Camp under the pretext of humanitarian aid to combat coronavirus

The Syrian and Russian Coordination Committees on the return of the Displaced Syrians have stressed that the United States continues to exploit the humanitarian situation in the Rukban camp, located near the Syrian-Jordanian borders, to deliver equipments to the terrorists who are trapping displaced people at the camp.

The deliveries are said to be humanitarian and medical assistance to the camp's residents under the pretext of combating the novel coronavirus.

 In a joint statement on Saturday, the committees said that the American side is trying to benefit from the spread of coronavirus to send shipments and aid to the terrorists claiming that these shipments are humanitarian assistance to the people in Rukban camp.

" The deteriorating humanitarian situation in al-Rukban Camp is the result of the US occupation of this part of Syria," said the committees, pointing out that Russia and Syria have taken all measures necessary to evacuate Rukban camp's trapped residents.

During the past months, the two committees repeatedly affirmed that the Syrian state is determined to help the displaced citizens, trapped in al-Rukban camp, return to their original places of residence after the Syria Arab Army has liberated these areas from terrorism. However, the American side always attempts to impede the return of the displaced through its affiliated terrorists and mercenaries who continuously seize all aid shipments reaching the camp causing the humanitarian situation to exacerbate and risk innocent lives mainly children.

Hamda Mustafa