Turkish regime uses water as a war weapon against civilians in Hasaka, says FM

DAMASCUS, (ST)_ The Ministry of Expatriates and Foreign Affairs has affirmed that Turkish occupation forces and their terrorist mercenaries continue to practice criminal acts against civilians in Hasaka city, in north Syria. 
The ministry made it clear- in two identical letters sent today to UN Secretary General and UNSC President- that the Turkish regime's forces and mercenaries continue to cut off water supply to Hasaka city's residents for the third day running. 
 More than 600.000 civilians, most of them children and women, are being deprived of water because the Turkish occupation forces and their mercenaries have stopped pumping water from Alouk station into the city of Hasaka, the ministry's letter stressed. 
It cited that the Turkish regime bombed last October the station of Alouk and left it out of service . 
On February , 27, 2020, the UNSC was briefed on depriving Hasaka's residents of water, but unfortunetly, the UNSC and the concerned International Organizations stood idly by and did not condemn the Turkish regime's attack on this vital station and its use of water as a weapon against civilians.
The ministry appealed to the UNSC to denounce the Turkish regime's crime, to force it to stop its violations of international law and UN charters , to put an end to Turkish regime's occupation of territories and to stop its support for terrorist groups. 
The ministry, in addition, called on UNICEF, WHO and UNDP to adopt immediate measures to guarantee the continuity of pumping water from Alouk station into Hasaka city.
Basma Qaddour

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