Syria & seven states demand for immediate lifting of unilateral coercive sanctions

Damascus (ST): The permanent representatives of eight UN member states including Syria's representative Dr. Bashar al-Jaafari demanded lifting the unilateral coercive sanctions, noting that these sanctions constitute a challenge for confronting the current crisis resulting from the spread of the Corona virus.

The demand came in a joint letter sent by the representatives of Syria, Russia, China, Iran, Cuba Venezuela , Nicaragua and the People's Republic of Democratic Korea to the UN Secretary General with the aim of putting an end to these illegitimate measures.

The letter demanded from the UN Secretary General to take into consideration that all states of the world, without any exception, are in need to ensure basic infrastructure and equipment for the health sector to guarantee appropriate health tests and treatment.

The letter also demanded for supporting the economies of all states and funding the plans and strategies required to stop the spread of the Corona virus pandemic.

The representatives of the eight states affirmed that the governments of the states, which are affected by the economic embargo, have the moral and political will to confront this danger, but the task is very difficult in light of the unilateral coercive sanctions which have been classified by the UN as illegal and flagrantly violating the UN charter.


The letter also reviewed the adverse consequences of the unilateral sanctions at the national and regional levels stressing that these measures hinder the ability of the national governments to work with international organizations and obstruct efforts being exerted to combat corona virus.

The letters' senders also shed light on the negative impact of  such unilateral measures on basic human rights, demanding for immediate and unconditional lift of these sanctions.