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The General Cinema Foundation launches "Home Cinema" initiative to watch its latest films

Within the framework of responding to the precautionary measures to prevent Corona virus and encouraging citizens to stay in their homes, the General Cinema Foundation launched the “Cinema at Home” initiative, which allows free viewing of some of its latest cinematic productions.

The initiative launched via the Vimeo platform will start with the films "The Path of Heaven" by Director Jude Saeed and "Amina" by director Ayman Zidan, where the Foundation stated in a statement that this step which encourages have viewing comes in line with the precautionary measures to prevent Corona virus and in an effort to spread cinematic culture. 

On the aim of this initiative, Director General of the Film Foundation, Murad Shaheen, siad in a press statement that it comes in response to the directives of the government and the decisions of the Presidency of the Council of Ministers regarding the need to stay home to prevent the epidemic situation spreading and in order to protect the safety of citizens in Syria.

Regarding the organization's free access to its films, clarified  Shaheen, it allows all social groups to view Syrian cinema shows, hope that their films be a helpful and beneficial factor for citizens, especially those who  are interested in pursuing them during this stage where may are staying at home .

It is reported that the two films will be available for viewing for perweek.

Haifaa Mafalani