Syrian residents and soldiers block US convoy from entering a village in north Syria

HASAKA, (ST)_ Hamo Village' s residents and Syrian army soldiers intercepted U.S. convoy and prevented it from entering the village . 
The convoy is composed of 11 vehicles belonging to U.S. occupation forces.

Hamo village is located in Qameshli countryside. 

On March 8, 2020, Syrian army soldiers and the residents of Kozleh town in Hasaka countryside have confronted a convoy belonging to US occupation forces as it was trying to enter the town.
the block of the US from entering Kozleh town came 2 days after the residents of Rmilan al-Basha town in Rmilan region hurled stones  at US vehicles as they were passing through their town in order to express their rejection of US presence.  
Basma Qaddour