Terrorist groups torpedo a bridge to hinder movement on Aleppo-Lattakia road

IDLEB, (ST)_Terrorist groups have torpedoed the bridge of Mhambel town to the west of Areha city on Aleppo-Lattakia international road (M4). 

The sabotage act aims at hindering the movement of patrols on which Russia and Turkey agreed to on March 5. 
Media and local sources said that the terrorist groups booby- trapped the bridge using a big quantity of explosives and then they torpedoed it. 
The bridge was completely destroyed, according to the sources which added that the terrorists placed  steel nails on several points on the road to hinder the movement of the Russian-Turkish patrols. 
Moreover, the sources asserted that the terrorist groups forced dozens of civilians under threat of gunfire to set up tents on the road .In addition they forced and transported dozens of civilians making them stay on the road after they gave them money to do that in order to stop any traffic movement. 
Basma Qaddour