Syrian-Libyan relations in a panel discussion: Establishing a strategic partnership that serves interests of the two countries

Libyan Minister of Foreign Affairs Dr. Abdul- Hadi al-Hawaij and Deputy Minister for Foreign Affairs and Expatriates Dr. Faisal al-Miqdad  affirmed the compatibility of political views and positions between Libya and Syria regarding various issues, especially the Turkish aggression targeting the sovereignty, unity and independence of the two brotherly countries.

In a political panel discussion  held by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Expatriates at Al-Assad National Library in Damascus on March 3, al-Hawaij said that the return of normal relations between the two brotherly countries is a historic and important step because our battle, challenges and goals are one, confirming we will win, regardless of the challenges.


Al-Hwaij paid tribute to Syria and its people, army and leadership, noting the great sacrifices made by the Syrian Arab Army in order to defend its homeland.

Al- Hawaij said that Libya is part of the Arab world and the Libyan legitimate government seeks to restore its role.

On the Libyan internal level, al-Hawaij reiterated that his country seeks to eliminate armed militias and achieve security and stability.

Al- Hawaij said that the Libyan government, chaired by Abdullah Al-Thani, believes that Libya is for all Libyans and it provides its services to all of them without discrimination.

Al- Hawaij referred to the battles the Libyan Arab Army led by Field Marshal Khalifa Haftar in various Libyan regions to liberate from terrorism.

Al- Hawaij emphasized the legitimate government’s rejection of the existence of any American bases on Libyan soil, indicating that the battle that the Libyan Arab Army is fighting is for sovereignty and independence.

Al- Hawaij said that most of the goods  in Libya were imported from Turkey, but the legitimate government wants to change towards the Syrian products and companies.

For his part, al-Miqdad described the results of the talks between the Syrian and Libyan sides as ‘excellent’, indicating that these results would anger the Turkish regime, the common enemy of both brotherly countries, which seeks to separate them.

Al-Miqdad said that the war that the Syrian and Libyan armies are fighting against terrorism and its supporters expresses the unity of the path between the two brotherly countries.

Al-Miqdad said that Syria's enemies in the United States and the European Union are trying to complicate life in Syria and prevent Syrians from achieving the final victory against terrorism.

Al-Miqdad emphasized that Libyan delegations will visit Damascus during the coming days, and Syrian delegations will also visit Libya  to discuss relations in various aspects and ways of enhancing them, especially the sectors of the economy, tourism, transportation and aviation.

Al-Miqdad stressed that the Libyan people are capable of resolving the crisis that their country is going through without any external interference.

In conclusion, al-Miqdad called on all the displaced Arab citizens not to submit to blackmail by the hostile western powers and Erdogan’s regime and to return to their homeland to live a free and dignified life in it, indicating that the Turkish regime exploits the refugee crisis.

Al-Miqdad, said the two countries agreed to activate eight joint Syrian-Libyan companies as well as 46 bilateral agreements between the two brotherly countries.


O. al-Mohammad / Inas  Abdulkareem