Syrian army continues to respond to Turkish-backed terrorists' attacks on Idleb's Saraqeb axis

DAMASCUS, (ST)_ A military source stressed on Friday that Syrian army units continue to firmly respond to repeated attacks being launched by Turkish-backed terrorist groups on Saraqeb axis in Idleb.

The source was quoted by the Syrian News Agency (SANA) as saying : "With the aim of covering the failure of Erdogan to achieve what he wants in Idleb after the army's recent victories over terrorist groups, there is a concentration on exaggerating and doubling the losses of the army during the foil of the two attacks carried out by terrorists and Turkey , as well as ignoring the heavy losses which have been inflicted upon the attackers during clashes with Syrian army units." 

It affirmed that Syrian army is determined to carry out its national duties in defending the security of homeland and citizens, and clearing all the Syrian territory from terrorism. 

Basma Qaddour