Tal Tamer station out of service due to new Turkish aggression

Hasaka (ST): Tal Tamer  in Hasaka Western Countryside electricity station went out of service as a result of a new Turkish aggression that targeted the high tension line 66 KV in the village of Um al-Kaif causing a power  cut in Tal Tamer town.

Director of Hasaka Electricity Company engineer Anwar Okla said that it was the third time for the Turkish regime to target the station of Tal Tamer, referring to the difficulty of repairing the damage as the area is adjacent to the positions of the Turkish occupation forces and their mercenaries of terrorist organizations.

 Earlier, three workers from Hasaka Electricity Company were injured in an explosion of a mine planted by Turkish occupation forces and their mercenary terrorists in surroundings of Abu Rasin town in Hasaka northeastern countryside.