“Between Sykes-Picot agreement and Deal of the Century”, more than hundred years of conspiracies

DAMASCUS, (ST)- The International al-Quds Foundation in cooperation with the Syrian Arab Committee for Supporting the Palestinian People and Resisting the Zionist Scheme and the Palestinian factions held on Wednesday a symposium in Damascus within the framework of al-Quds Cultural Day.

During the symposium, Yemen’s Ambassador in Damascus Nayef Ahmad al-Qanes delivered a lecture titled “Between Sykes-Picot and Deal of the Century”.

He presented an overview of the western conspiracies as well as attempts to fuel sedition and ignite wars in the Arab region during the past hundred years.

He said that these sinister schemes aimed at destroying the Arab region and undermining elements of its development and unity in order to create suitable environment for the creation and empowerment of the Zionist entity.

 He affirmed that Syria has been facing a global terrorist war that aimed basically at undermining the Palestinian cause and paving the way for the so-called “Deal of the Century”.

He pointed out that Syria’s victories over terrorism have been the beginning of the failure of this ill-famed deal.

The Yemeni ambassador went on to say that the Palestinian people won’t accept to bargain on its legitimate rights, noting that no one can impose “the Deal of the Century” on the Palestinians, particularly in the light of their firm political stance and sacrifices in confrontation of all the Zionist and American schemes and  the reactionary regimes’ conspiracies.

He called for supporting the Palestinian people’s resistance and struggle to liberate their lands from the Zionist occupation and establish their independent state with al-Quds as its eternal capital.

On his part, Director General of al-Quds Foundation, Dr. Khald al-Miftah made it clear that the lecturer’s critical overview of the historical stages of colonialism in the Arab region sheds light on the points of weakness from which the Arab nation is suffering and through which colonialism managed to enter the Arab region in order to achieve its goals.

Some of the people who attended the symposium called for unity among the Palestinians in order to confront the Zionist schemes.

 Hamda Mustafa