Turkish- made weapons, left behind by terrorists, found in Syria’s southern region

DAMASCUS, (ST)-Authorities on Thursday found weapons and ammunitions as well as an amount of drugs, left behind by terrorists, in Syria’s southern region.

 Some of these weapons are Turkish-made.


According to SANA reporter the seized weapons included amounts of Turkish-made guns, 14,5mm and 23mm machineguns, PKC machineguns, automatic rifles, a drone, tank shells, 100mm artillery and Fozlika shells, 120mm, 80mm and 60mm mortar shells and more than 180,000 bullets, 12,7mm and 14,5mm ammunition, anti-armor rockets and cars.

An amount of drugs estimated at hundreds of Kgs of Hashish was also found, the reporter said.

The army units continue combing the villages and towns in all the areas liberated from terrorism.

to be continued..