China's ambassador thanks Syria for its support during coronavirus crisis

DAMASCUS, (ST)- China's Ambassador in Damascus Feng Biao thanked Syria for its support and solidarity during the difficult circumstances China has been experiencing while facing  the outbreak of a novel coronavirus in the country.

In a statement to SANA, the ambassador said that there are good news saying that the number of coronavirus infections has decreased in China and that the number of cured cases is ten times higher than the number of deaths.

He said that his country has been exerting great efforts to  provide needed health care to infected persons or to suspected coronavirus cases, noting that Beijing is doing its best to contain the disease and prevent its further spread.

He pointed out that some countries have sought to use Coronavirus outbreak  in China for political goals.

"We get used to such an immoral behavior by some countries, Biao said, stressing that this epidemic is a common enemy against which all should join efforts".

In the meantime, Director of Laboratories at the Syrian Ministry of Health affirmed that no Cornonavirus infections have been confirmed in Syria , pointing out that the laboratories have so far conducted tests for four samples from suspected coronavirus cases and the results showed that there are no infections.

 Hamda Mustafa