Sabbagh: Syria relies on awareness of Arab people and their national stances

During his meeting today with a Moroccan youth delegation, Speaker of the People's Assembly Hamouda Sabbagh stressed that Syria is relying on the awareness of the Arab people and their principled stances to achieve the national hopes and aspirations that colonialism attempts to eliminate.

Sabbagh underlined the importance of enhancing communication with the Arab organizations of youths and sudents and shedding light on the students’ pioneering experience in Syria.

He referred to the support that the young generation receives in Syria as they are the hope for building the prosperous future of the homeland.


The Speaker of the People’s Assembly stated that Syria highly appreciates and never forgets the participation of Moroccan soldiers alongside their brothers in the Syrian Arab Army in the October Liberation war and the sacrifices they offered in defense of Syria's territories and sovereignty.

For his part, head of the Moroccan delegation, Mustafa Taj, Deputy Secretary General of the Independent Youth Organization in Morocco, affirmed that the visit to Syria aims to express solidarity with it in the face of the terrorist war waged against it and to salute the Syrians for their steadfastness, strength, and patience. 

Taj and members of the delegation expressed willingness to convey the reality of what is happening in Syria to the Moroccan people and to refute campaigns of media misinformation about the events in it, expressing confidence that the crisis that Syria is going through will end and that Syria will achieve victory against terrorism.

For their part, members of the delegation expressed their support for the unity and sovereignty of Syria, noting its regional and international position. They highlighted the importance of restoring cooperation ties between the Parliament in Morocco and the People's Assembly in Syria as well as between the Moroccan and Syrian parties.

In a statement to reporters, the head of the Moroccan youth delegation stressed the importance of boosting the unity of the Arab people and strengthening friendship relations among them, noting that their visit expresses the solidarity of the Moroccan youth with the Syrian people in their hour of need.

Members of the delegation stated that their visit involved conducting many cultural and voluntary meetings and activities in cooperation with the Revolutionary Youth Union in Syria.

The Moroccan youth delegation includes members of the Executive Office of the Independent Youth Organization in Morocco, the Central Committee of the Moroccan Independence Party, the Executive Committee of the General Union of Moroccan Students and the National Office of the Moroccan Socialist Youth Organization.

Members of the People’s Assembly attended the meeting.


Inas Abdulkareem