Syrian army advances towards the southern Idleb countryside

Over the past hours, the Syrian army was engaged in clashes with Turkish -backed terrorist groups affiliated to al-Nusra Front and other groups in Tal al-Nar, Sheikh Mustafa, Naqir, Kafer Sejneh, Arenbeh and Stoh al-Der areas in the southern countryside of Idleb.

The clashes ended with liberating the above mentioned five areas and destroying vehicles that used by terrorists to attack military positions in the region.

Meanwhile, the army units pursued the terrorists, who ran away towards Der Sonbol and Tramla areas, and targeted terrorist groups' hideouts in the towns of Marzenah, Maarret Hermeh and Tarmla .  

In another development, the army units found a fortified tunnel used by terrorist groups inside the town of Kafer Sejnerh to connect the town with al-Amereyh town .

Basma Qaddour