Turkish Media reports on alleged losses within the Syrian Army's ranks aim at raising the terrorists' collapsed morale

IDLEB COUNTRYSIDE, (ST)- Turkish media reports about the destruction of tanks and casualties within the ranks of the Syrian Arab Army are nothing but allegations that aim at covering up the failure of the attack launched by Turkish-backed terrorist organizations on the axis of Neirab in Idlib countryside, according to SANA reporter.

The reporter said that according to field data, the reports promoted by the Turkish regime’s media outlets, citing Turkish officials, about alleged losses within the ranks of the Syrian Arab Army are illusions that came against the backdrop of the defeat of the attacking terrorists and the killing of dozens of them.  The aim is to raise the collapsed morale of the terrorist organizations, the reporter added.

Every time the terrorist organizations are defeated by the Syrian army and their Turkish-coordinated attacks are foiled, provocative Turkish remarks  about great losses within the ranks of the Syrian Arab Army are made to cover up the terrorists' failure.

On Thursday, Syrian Arab Army units, deployed in Idlib countryside, repelled a violent attack launched by terrorist organizations from several axes on the town of al Neirab, killing tens of terrorists, destroying their  armored vehicles and preventing them from reoccupying the town.

Rawaa Ghanam