Rehabilitating the artisan zone in Deir Baalba in Homs to increase production, create new job opportunities

Homs, (ST)- Homs Governorate has started rehabilitating the artisan zone in the Deir Baalba neighborhood which was destroyed by terrorist groups. The zone is a vital development project that includes 823 artisan shops which provide suitable work conditions for craftsmen to increase their production .

SANA quoted Engineer Abdullah Al-Bawab, head of Homs City Council, as saying : " The rehabilitation activities in the zone cost SYP 650 and we have completed work in the first stage after accomplishing the sewage rehabilitation project with a value of SYP 26 million and the electrical network rehabilitation works which are worth SYP 350 million".

According to Al-Bawab, the second stage of the project includes preparing the well of Al-Kasara to supply the zone with necessary water at a cost of SYP180 million.

 He stressed that several facilitations will be provided to craftsmen to encourage them to return to their workshops and stores as soon as the rehabilitation works are completed. Such facilitations include providing the artisan zone with generators to ensure the work of craftsmen around the clock, for specific appropriate fees, he said.

Abdel Muttalib Al-Daher, head of the Higher Committee for the artisan zone in Deir Baalba, said that the craftsmen’s return to their stores and workshops within the zone will be reflected positively on both the city and their work conditions as well.

Amal Farhat