Syria, Indonesia Discuss Bolstering Cooperation and Friendship

DAMASCUS, (ST)-  Speaker of the People’s Assembly Hammoudeh Sabbagh affirmed during a meeting with the Indonesian Ambassador in Damascus Wajid Fauzi on Thursday the importance of boosting parliamentary relations between Syria and Indonesia , highlighting Indonesia’s stances in support for Syria’s steadfastness in the confrontation of terrorism.

Sabbagh clarified the reality of the terrorist, psychological, media and economic war which that has been waged against Syria, indicating that Indonesia had also suffered from terrorists attacks and explosions in the past.

 Speaker of the people’s Assembly stressed that the MPs in both countries should intensify mutual visits and meetings to explain the reality of terrorism and those who support it.

On his part, the Indonesian Ambassador emphasized the necessity of consolidating friendship and cooperation relations between Syria and Indonesia, particularly in the parliamentary fields.

He voiced confidence that the Syrian people will overcome the crisis they are passing through and that normal life will return to Syria.

 Rawaa Ghanam