Syrian army foils Turkish-backed terrorist groups' attack in Idleb countryside

IDLEB, (ST)_Syrian army units foiled today an attack launched by Turkish-backed terrorist groups on the axis of al-Bayrab town in Idleb countryside.

According to the Syrian Alikhbaria TV channel, the army units eliminated the terrorist attackers and struck the positions from which terrorists launched their attack.

The TV channel made it clear that the Turkish-backed terrorist groups, mainly al-Nusra Front terrorist, launched today a barrage of rockets towards the surrounding of al-Nayrab and Saraqeb towns and several military sites in Dadikh and Kafer Btikh areas in the eastern countryside of Idleb.

The source of fire was struck  by Syrian army units, which destroyed many rocket launchers for terrorists.

Add to that, the army units advanced towards the surrounding of al-Nayrab town and defeated the terrorist attackers.

The terrorist attackers were eliminated and their vehicles were destroyed.

Moreover, the Syrian warplanes carried out precise strikes against terrorist groups on the axis of Sarmin town and foiled terrorists' attempts to advance.

Basma Qaddour