Technical workshops continue removing barricades in Aleppo western countryside’s liberated neighborhoods to facilitate the return of citizens

ALEPPO, (ST)- Technical workshops of Aleppo governorate continued on Thursday  to remove the barricades and barriers left by terrorist organizations in Aleppo western neighborhoods before being driven out from this area by the Syrian Arab Army.

The technical teams also reopened the main roads after removing the debris in order to facilitate the return of people to their houses.

 The teams' operations extended from Qurtuba roundabout in Jam'eyet al-Zahraa area and continue in the direction of al-Liramoun roundabout and then to Azaz road.

Operations supervisor Salim Bitar, from the Central Services Directorate at Aleppo City Council, said that immediately after the Syrian army liberated the neighborhoods in the western part of Aleppo, the technical workshops in the city council, with a support for volunteer local companies, started removing the barricades and rubbles to clean the roads.

A clean up campaign was also launched in Jam'eyet al-Zahraa neighborhood aiming at opening the streets which had witnessed destruction and sabotage because of terrorism, according to Bassam Bawadekji, head of the clean up section at the city council.

In the meantime, a Syrian Arab Army engineering unit started dismantling mines as well as explosive devices and removing the remains of rockets in order to secure the area and enable the technical workshops' vehicles to enter as to remove the rubbles and open the streets in preparation for the locals' return.

Hamda Mustafa