Aleppo International Airport recieves first flight after 8-year stop

ALEPPO, (ST)- Aleppo International airport on Wednesday received the first flight following an eight-year stop due to terrorist acts.

It is to be noted that the plane took off from Damascus International airport. 

In a statement to reporters on board the airplane, Minister of Transport Eng. Ali Hammoud said that "re-operating the airport and resuming internal flights is a real victory to Syria," expressing hope that the airport will receive international flights in future.  

"The sacrifices of our army and the steadfastness of the Syrian people were the reason to liberate Aleppo and the rest of Syrian territories", he added.

Two days ago, the Ministry of Transport said that “the Aleppo International Airport has become ready to receive flights and that the first flight will come from Damascus on Wednesday, February 19, 2020. Other flights will be scheduled from Aleppo International Airport to Cairo and Damascus in the next few days, the ministry added.