Academics from Damascus University: The sacrifices of the army have revived Syria's economy

The victories of the Syrian Arab Army in the western and northwestern countryside of Aleppo showed the whole world that the Syrian Arab Army is determined  to complete its track in order to liberate the last inch of the homeland.

“What happened in the countryside of Aleppo is that the right returned to its owners and that the Syrian Arab Army crowned its sacrifices with a victory against the forces of evil and aggression”, Dr. Saber Baloul, Dean of the Faculty of Political Science at Damascus University said. “Our valiant army, with its great sacrifices, restored Syria’s economy as it is considered an important center for production that will lead to the improvement in the economic and living situation. 


“From the very beginning, we were confident in our heroic army and in the wisdom, ability and determination of the Syrian leadership to confront until achieving victory because we are the owners of a just cause” Dr. Baloul asserted, describing the victory of Aleppo over all terrorist and Zionist attempts as "overwhelming and great".

In turn, the Deputy Dean of the College of Political Science for Scientific Affairs and Professor of Political Thought Dr. Samir Hassan affirmed that the Syrian Arab Army has proven its worth and capability as well as determination to liberate any city and region from terrorism, considering that the victory of Aleppo is an important step on the path to liberate all Syrian lands from terrorism and from the Turkish and American occupier .

“The victory will open the way for the return of national production, the improvement of the economic situation and the confrontation of the siege”.  Dr. Hassan  pointed out, adding that securing the vicinity of the city of Aleppo will realize stability and lead to the return of factories, especially with the opening of the Damascus-Aleppo road to transport traffic, whether for passengers or goods.

Dr. Hassan stated that the Turkish regime "has embroiled itself in a quagmire from which it cannot escape."

For his part, Dr. Nameer Issa, head of the Department of International Relations at the College of Political Science, described the victory of Aleppo as the great victory for Syria in its battle against terrorism because of the strategic and economic importance that Aleppo enjoys in the region. Aleppo, with its projects and factories, constitutes  Syria’s  vital lifeline. Erdogan's regime and its tools of terrorists have been stolen most factories in order to destroy the city.

Issa considered that the victory of the army in Aleppo constituted a lesson for all conspirators on the unity, integrity and sovereignty of Syrian lands, as well as a great blow to Erdogan's plans in the region.

The  internal public opinion in Turkey opposes the intervention of the Turkish regime in Syria, Issa stressed, noting that Syria has full right to defend its lands according to international law.

Issa pointed out that the United States of America whenever it saw that the crisis in Syria came close to the solution, it reshuffled the cards because it did not want to come out defeated, stressing that the Syrian Arab Army and the leadership have the final word.

Inas Abdulkareem