Armenian Syrian community welcomes People’s Assembly’s decision on condemning Armenian genocide

Members of the Armenian Syrian community who reside in Armenia affirmed that the decision of the People’s Assembly to condemn the genocide committed against the Armenians at the hands of the Ottoman state supports the rights of the Armenian people and contributes to put an end to the crimes against the peoples.

Armenian Syrian community thanked Syrian People’s Assembly for the decision because it has condemned the Ottoman state’s crimes to the Armenian’s people and other nations since the beginning of the twentieth century until today.

Armenian Syrian community hoped that the Arab parliaments would follow the People’s Assembly’s decision on condemning Armenian genocide to restore the Arab dignity. 

The Syrian Armenian people thanks Syria, its people, and its defending army of the Arab dignity.

Meanwhile, many Armenian parties organized a thanking march to Syria after the People’s Assembly decision on condemning the crime of genocide committed by the Ottoman state against the Armenians.

The march started form the Opera house to the Syrian embassy in Yerevan, holding the Syrian and Armenia flags.

  Representative of the Armenian Tashnaq Party, ex-Minister of Economy and Environment Erzvik Minsyyan said that “Syrians welcomed the displaced Armenians who survived a certain death and healed their wounds and embraced the orphan children.

On the other hand, Syrian Ambassador to Armenia Muhammad Haj Ibrahim welcomed the people of the community and representatives of Armenian parties and organizations, noting that Syria always welcomes everyone, especially to those who survived from the Armenian genocide.