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A Protest in Damascus countryside Condemning the “ Deal of the Century”

Palestinian  youth and student organizations in Syria organized a protest march on Friday rejecting   the so-called Zionist- American  "Deal of the Century" in Jaramana camp  in Damascus countryside with the participation of civil, cultural and religious activities.

Participants in the march raised the Syrian and Palestinian flags, chanting slogans condemning the disastrous  "deal of the century"  ,which aims  at undermining the rights of the Palestinian people,  stressing the necessity of unity of the Palestinian ranks and resistance by all means to confront the Zionist-American projects.


The participants affirmed in a statement  their absolute rejection and condemnation of the notorious  so-called "Deal of the Century" aiming  at ending the Palestinian cause and the  historical rights of the Palestinian   people, stressing that everyone who accepts or participates in any part of this deal is a traitor to Palestine, its people and its cause.

The participants considered that any normalization with the Zionist occupation is an unforgivable crime and a stab in the back of the Palestinian people, stressing that the sinister "deal of the century" is dead, because the Palestinian people  will continue their struggle and resistance until the end of the Israeli  occupation and the attainment of its  full rights.

 The demonstrators  saluted  in the statement  freedom-loving peoples  always demanding the restoration of the Palestinian people to their full rights and the liberation of their lands and sanctities, reaffirming  their  support  to the Syrian leadership   people and the army in  confronting  the  terrorist aggression which aims at undermining    Syria’s  major role in supporting the Palestinian cause and defending the causes of the Arab nation.

Rawaa Ghanam