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On anniversary of the Open Strike: Golan people reiterate adherence to liberating Golan

Quneitra, (ST): Our people  in the city of Quneitra and the occupied Syrian Golan marked today the 38th anniversary of the 1982 national open strike  which was announced on the 14th of February 1982 in confrontation of the Israeli occupation authorities' decision to annex the occupied Golan and impose their laws on its people.


 Scores of people from al Quneitra and Golan gathered at Ein al-Tineh village to mark the anniversary affirming their strong determination to complete the march of steadfastness and resistance until liberating the Golan from the Israeli occupation and restoring all the usurped rights. They stressed that all the occupation authorities' decisions regarding the Golan are null and void and the  Golan will always be part and parcel of its motherland Syria. 

The participants expressed confidence that Syria, which has defeated the Israeli-backed terrorists, will  achieve another victory against Israel and liberate the Golan which will return to its motherland Syria sooner or later.

Dean of the Syrian and Arab captives at the Israeli occupation prisons, Sidqi al-Maqt, said from Majdal Shmas village in occupied Golan that Golan will return to motherland Syria and the occupation will end, noting  that our battle against terrorism is a front of struggle and resistance against the Zionist entity and its mercenaries .