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Al-Jaafari affirm Syria's rejection of employing the UN as a pressure tool on certain states

New York (ST): Syria's Permanent representative at the UN Dr. Bashar al-Jaafari affirmed Syria's rejection of  the attempt of some states to employ the legal UN mechanisms to become a tool of political pressure on certain states.

In an open debate at the UN Security Council on the role of the transitional justice processes in sustaining peace, al-Jaafari reiterated Syria's rejection of the interference of these states in the track of the political process in Syria, imposing economic siege on its people and hindering the reconstruction process in it.


Al-Jaafari clarified that Syria stresses that justice has been the cornerstone adopted by the UN founders  75 years ago in search for the welfare, prosperity and peace for the peoples of the world without any distinction and selectivity.

The  Syrian diplomat stressed that the UNSC No. 2282 for the year 2016 asserted that preserving peace is an objective and a process for building a joint vision of the society including the activities that aim to prevent the eruption of  conflicts, dealing with their causes and heading towards reconstruction and development .

He added that the resolution emphasized that the basic responsibility for preserving peace lies on the governments and national authorities. " However, there are governments enjoying political, military and economic influence which are  trying to violate UN charter , impose unilateral visions on the UN frameworks and direct them towards tracks that  lead them to interfere in other states' affairs.", the Syrian diplomat  said, noting that these same states are trying to impose controversial concepts that will negatively reflect on the future of the UN in addition to deepening differences among the states of the world. 

Regarding the misleading interventions made by some representatives on what is called an international independent and neutral investigation mechanism in Syria, al-Jaafari said that this mechanism would remain an example for a flagrant violation of the UN charter and its rules of work.

Al-Jaafari renewed Syria's call for holding a special session for the UNSC to discuss the direct and indirect responsibility of certain governments for the influx of thousands of foreign terrorists to Syria coming from more than 100 states including the EU states, stressing that these states should shoulder the responsibility of calling back  the terrorists who committed acts of killing and destruction against Syria and its people. 

Concluding is speech, al-Jaafari called for discussing a grave issue, namely the attempt made by some states to use the UNSC as a media platform in service of military alliances such as  NATO and threatening to use military force against UN member states