Syrian Parliament passes resolution recognizing and condemning the Armenian genocide

DAMASCUS, (ST)_ Syria's Parliament [People's Assembly] has unanimously passed a resolution recognizing and condemning the Armenian genocide committed by the Ottoman state at the turn of the 20th century.

The move was adopted during the session held today at the Parliament in Damascus.

The resolution expressed the sympathy of the Parliament with the Armenian people and recognized that Armenian , Syriac and Assyrian peoples and others were the victims of systematic racial elimination and collective massacres perpetrated by Ottomans .

The Syrian MPs called on the World Parliaments, the World Public opinion and the international community to recognize and condemn the Armenian genocide.  

The Speaker of the Parliament Hammoda Sabbagh said that the current Turkish aggression on Syria, which is based on the racist and abominable Ottoman though, brings to our mind the awful genocide perpetrated by Erdogan's grandfathers against the friendly  Armenian people where men, women, children and elderly were murdered and home were destroyed.

"We, the Syrian people, are facing the same sort of brutal terrorism being perpetrated by the same criminal and we have welcomed the people who fled the brutality of the Ottoman regime," the speaker added, asserting that the ugly genocide against people is imprescriptible  as the new Ottoman uses the same criminal ways .

"It is a human, moral and political duty to recognize this genocide and to condemn it. The murder of 1.5 million Armenian people is not just a historic event, it is a black smear in the history of humanity and it is similar to the continuous Zionist crimes," Sabbagh stressed.   

He concluded by saying that the Syrian army's confrontation of the Turkish aggression prevents the emergence of new Ottoman monster.

On her part, the Syrian Member of Parliament Nora Arissian, who chairs the Syrian-Armenian Friendship Association, declared that the recognition and the condemnation of the Armenian genocide help prevent the perpetration of similar crimes.

"The adoption of the Armenian genocide by the parliament would have a big effect since the Syrian people were the first to embrace the Armenians, who fled the genocide," she added, indicating that the Syrian people have suffered from the policy of Turkification over the past years .

"The Turkish policies are still following  the same way through attacking and killing people and practicing terrorism against them," the MP concluded.

Basma Qaddour