The Syrian Arab army continues military operations against terrorist organizations in the southwestern countryside of Aleppo

The Syrian Arab Army units continued their operations against the terrorist organizations in the southwestern countryside of Aleppo and liberated the villages of Kafr Aleppo, Qanater and Kamari after inflicting heavy losses of personnel and equipment on the terrorists.

SANA reporter stated that after less than 24 hours since the liberation of the villages of Al-Bawabiyya, Kseibiyya, Tal Hidya, Al-Zorba, Burqum and the Agricultural Research Center "ICARDA" in the southwestern countryside of Aleppo, the army units continued their operations against the terrorists of Al-Nusra Front organization and liberated the villages of KafrAleppo and Kamari and Qanatir west of the international road Aleppo-Idlib after eliminating the last gatherings of terrorists there.

The army units bombed with rocket launchers the terrorist groups and their fortifications in the village of Ma`rat al-Na`san, which resulted in the death and injury of a number of terrorists, SANA reporter said. 

From the axis of the village of Al-Barqoum, which the army liberated on Sunday, a field officer told SANA correspondent that the army units continue to progress and achieve more victories against the armed terrorist organizations, underlining the importance of progress on the axis of the Aleppo-Damascus road.

SANA's camera accompanied the fighters in the village and bridge of Al-Barqoum on the international road Aleppo- Damascus, and met a number of them, who confirmed their continued progress with full force and determination towards the terrorist organizations controlled areas to liberate the last inch of the homeland’s soil.

Inas Abdulkareem