Residents of many towns in Idleb demand reconciliation.. The Syrian state is ready

Member of National Reconciliation Committee Omar Rahmon has asserted that there are thousands of calls from the residents of many towns and villages in Idleb for the Syrian army to enter their areas in order to save them from terrorist groups.

The residents expressed their readiness to cooperate with the Syrian army against terrorist groups.

The calls were received from the residents of the towns and villages located on Saraqib-Ariha- Jisr Shoghour  road and the towns in Zawiya Mountain and Shaheshbo Mountain .

Rahmon told Damascus-based al-Watan newspaper that the Syrian state is ready for reconciliation to spare the towns from military action.

"The Syrian state seeks to liberate areas from terrorism and it does not want any citizen to be displaced from his home," he added, calling all the residents to openly call for reconciliation with the Syrian state and to challenge terrorist groups in their areas.    

Basma Qaddour