Syrian Army units advance in Idlib

On February 6,  units of the Syrian Arab Army liberated the town of Efs, north of Saraqib, in the eastern countryside of Idlib, after violent battles with terrorists, according to the Syrian News Agency (SANA). 

the agency added that the army units also liberated four towns : Zahabeyeh, Jdedet Tlafeh , Tlafeh and Jlas . These towns are located to the west of Abo Dhohor area in Idleb countryside

On February 5, the army units liberated the strategic town of Tal Touqan and the two villages of Islamin and Rayyan, after eliminating the last terrorist gatherings in them and controlling them on the international Aleppo- Saraqib road.

On other hand, on February 6, the army units seized American-made weapons and ammunition in the headquarters and warehouses of terrorist organizations in the town of Kafr al-Amim, southeastern Idlib countryside after the defeat of terrorism.


O. al-Mohammad