Syrian army saves the families that remained in Ma’arret al-Noaman city

IDLEB, (ST)_The Syrian army units have transported several families, who were in the city of Ma’arret al-No’aman city in Idleb countryside after its liberation from terrorist groups ,to safe temporary shelters.

These families rejected cooperation with terrorist groups and they stayed in the city awaiting the arrival of the Syrian army units to save them from the terrorists.

The army units provided them with medical care and transported them to temporary shelters until the end of combing operations in the city.

Some of the city’s residents asserted that the Syrian army represents hope and safety for all Syrians, affirming that terrorist groups worked on damaging the normal life in the city.

Several weeks before liberating the city, the terrorists deprived residents of water and food in order to force them to cooperate with them. But they failed.

The strategic city of Ma’arret al-No’aman was liberated two days ago.

Basma Qaddour