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Archbishop Cappucci honoured at al-Assad Library

Damascus (ST): A symposium was held at al-Assad Library to honour Archbishop Hilarion Cappucci on the occasion of publishing a new book about his life and struggle by Dalmon publishing house.

The event started with a documentary that casts light on the main stages of the Archbishop's struggle in service of national and pan Arab causes, especially the Palestine question.

Director of the Dalmon Publishing house Afra'a Abu Hadba said that the book titled "My Memories in Prison" by researcher Sarkis Abu Zaid aims at shedding light on the rich experience of Cappucci and his great stands towards the Palestine question. She added that archbishop's biography is considered a road map for all those who seek freedom and liberation.


Bishop Elias Zahlawi said that Cappucci's name has been linked to the city of Jerusalem, noting that he has taught people the sublime values of love and struggle.

Member of the People's Assembly Nabil Saleh said  Syria has been defending the Palestine question since the time of the martyr Ezz Eddin al-Qassam, noting that the biography of Cappucci is a luminous landmark in the struggle against Israeli occupation.

In a televised speech, Palestinian resistance woman Laila Khaled underlined the crucial role Syria has been playing in supporting the Palestine question, stressing that Cappucci has become an example to be followed in resistance and sacrifice.