Russian DM: Terrorists prepare for chemical attack in Idleb

Moscow (ST): The Russian Ministry of Defence affirmed the existence of laboratories at the positions of the terrorist organizations in Idleb with the aim of preparing poisonous materials

Head of the Russian Coordination Centre major General Yuri Poritkov said that the laboratories are supervised by specialists who are training terrorists to execute fabricated chemical attacks against civilians and accuse the Syrian state of such attacks.


He added that according to the information obtained from locals, several members of the so-called White Helmet Organization arrived in the areas of Kafr Hamra in Aleppo and Ma'aret Misrin and Ariha in Idleb bringing with them chlorine containers.

He added that terrorists were storing toxic materials in the cities of Jisr al-Shogour and Saraqeb in Idleb to prepare for a provocative chemical attack and accuse the Syrian state of using chemical weapons against civilians.