Syrian MPs receive calls from residents of Idleb and Aleppo asking to be liberated from terrorism

The Official in Charge of the welfare of Idleb province Fadi al-Sa'adon has affirmed that there have been calls from Idleb residents to save them from terrorism, so the Syrian army has moved to protect them.

In a statement to Damascus-based al-Watan newspaper, al-Sa'adon said that terrorist groups' attacks on residential areas and army's positions have not stopped despite the validity of the agreement of ceasefire reached in the de-escalation zone several months ago.

"The prices of bread and fuel in terrorist-held areas are very high and the education process has stopped," he added, stressing that terrorist groups seized all international humanitarian aid sent to the province.

On his part, the Syrian Member of Parliament Hussien Ragheb, whose hometown is Idleb, said that he received many calls from the residents of Ma'arret al-Noaman and other areas in Idleb asking to be liberated from terrorism.

"A lot of residents have not left their areas in Idleb because they want to protect their properties. They stand by the Syrian army and state," the MP said, indicating that terrorist groups, which receive support from the Turkish regime and western countries, prevent the residents now from leaving towards State-held areas.

The Syrian Member of Parliament Alan Baker said that Aleppo city has suffered from the crimes of armed terrorist groups, who daily kill children, women and elderly by rocket attacks that fall on shops, universities and hospitals.

 "The Syrians will not wait the statements of condemnation from the International organizations. What the Syrian army is doing now comes within its constitutional duty," he concluded.

Basma Qaddour